Home & Business Delivery 7 Days a Week. Servicing Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan.

Free Home Pick-Up and Delivery
LaundryXpress is a top quality laundry service featuring pickup and delivery to your front door, why spend time doing your laundry when you can leave it to us?

Organic Dry cleaning, too
We feature the same professional free pickup and delivery service for your dry cleaning items. No more rushing to the cleaners before they close. Please allow 2 to 3 days for dry cleaning orders. We also,  dry clean uggs, footwear, leather, and suedes. Call for your special needs.

The best brands
We use only the very best, such as Tide, Clorox and Downy. Dreft is used for all baby clothes when requested. Dye and perfume free detergent is available.

Customer Service
Our number one priority is complete costumer satisfaction. We honor all special request and we’ll do your laundry your way!

Now you can Call, Click or Text at your convenience & your Laundry is done !!!

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